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For a small monthly fee, SEN Buddy members gain access to a wide range of benefits - see our Member Benefits page for more details

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SEN Buddy
membership benefits

A supportive online community

  • Exchange ideas or ask opinions of like-minded peers

  • Access weekly online workshops, webinars and meetups

  • Participate in the book club – read and discuss popular SEND texts

  • Join the private member’s Facebook group

Done-for-you resources

  • Downloadable materials

  • Lesson plans

  • Editable presentations and documents

  • The ability to make specific content requests

Access experienced SEN expertise

  • Ask the experts about specific issues or problems [link to expert profiles]

  • Materials from experienced content contributors

Strategic guidance

  • Input into your own school’s SEN strategy

  • Straight-forward teaching strategies

  • Research findings

SEN training

  • Weekly live training webinars

  • On-demand video library

  • Q&A sessions

SEN Buddy benefits

  • Improve your understanding of SEND theory and practice

  • Further your own professional development

  • Increase your confidence

  • Gain strategic hints and tips

  • Improve your teaching practice

  • Save huge amounts of time

  • Reduce workload and stress

  • Meet supportive people who understand your situation

  • Ask the experts, whenever you need them

  • Gain unlimited support on issues and challenges.



SEN Buddy is the brainchild of Lizzie Sheering, a Specialist Dyslexia Teacher and Assessor who, together with a group of SEND experts boasting decades of combined experience in the field, she created the SEN Buddy Community to provide much needed support for practitioners in this crucial area of education.


There are tens of thousands of people working in special educational needs in the UK alone.  What an incredible group of people, doing incredible work!  But many are isolated, under-resourced, over-worked and, often, lacking in support.


Imagine how much time we spend (that we can all ill afford) reinventing the wheel.  It’s time to buddy up and be stronger together!


We share values, we share challenges, we can relate to one another, we all want to make a difference.  And SEN Buddy is here so that we can be the best version of ourselves.


It’s the kind of support Lizzie would have loved to have benefited from throughout her career.

SEN Buddy is a Community for YOU. 

·         Providing support if you ever feel a little lost when teaching your pupils with SEND. 

·         To help you save hours and hours learning about the difficulties each child with SEND 

          experiences - and enabling you to learn at your own pace.

·         To help SENCos to train their staff using SEN Buddy on demand. 

·         To provide insightful reviews into useful technology to support your pupils with SEND.

·         With loads of practical ideas and tips about how to manage your workload.

When you join SEN Buddy, we are here to support you every step of the way, whether just for a month or on an on-going basis.

Partner with us

Here at SEN Buddy, everything we offer and provide to our members is primarily for the benefit of the children that our members work with. Our mission is simple; the more teachers we can support; the more pupils they will have an impact on. This is the core of our mission and the basis for everything we do. 

So, it makes sense then to work with authorised partners who can help us to achieve this mission. You can partner with us in one of three ways;

1. Become a creator for SEN Buddy; provide and/or create differentiated resources for pupils with SEND

2. Help us to spread the word about SEN Buddy and earn commission for yourself on any sales you make through your recommendations and referrals. 

3. Collaborate with us either on our podcast, your podcast, or via social media collaborative posts. 

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Thanks for your interest in SEN Buddy. If you have any queries or questions, please email us at hello@senbuddy.co.uk or fill in the contact form here.