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Our Bespoke Service

Tablet Learning
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We aim to enable young people to unlock their potential, by getting to the root of their difficulties

What We


Initial Enquiry 

If your child is struggling with school and/or their learning and you don't know how to help them, fill in this questionnaire to see if we can help. 


The Assessment Appointment

At the assessment, we will use our expertise to build a relationship with your child and we will use various methods to put them at ease and to get to know them. We will spend an hour or so carrying out initial observations and chatting to them to establish their difficulties first hand. This appointment may involve us carrying out some educational screening assessments to help us with information gathering.


Treatment Plan 

Your child's treatment plan could involve a range of therapies and strategies, but we will take it one step at a time and support you as the parent along the way too if this is needed. We can be involved with your treatment plan for as long as you need our services.


Review of Needs

We will review your form, see if we think one of our specialists can help you and then we will email or call you to offer you and your child an assessment appointment (either remotely or face to face in our clinic near Stratford-Upon-Avon). After this point, should you wish to work with us, the next appointment is chargeable.


Follow Up Appointment

If necessary, we will book in a follow up appointment with you and your child and we will create a draft treatment plan ready for this next appointment. If no further appointments are needed we will simply get in touch to run through our suggested within treatment plan.


We will work with you until you no longer need us

We will never turn you or your child away and you can continue to book follow up appointments until you see positive results and outcomes for your child. 

"Lizzie was kind, patient and had a whole host of tricks up her sleeve to put my son at ease. He left feeling more positive, as did I, knowing that we have a plan of action in place to move forward with his education. It was amazing to know Study Buddy was there to help us for the long term as well if we needed their support going forward."

Sally Cheatham, Basingstoke (And Harry)

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