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The number 1 audiobook reading hack!

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

we are all made of stories

You know, there's something truly magical about storytelling.

After all, it's as old as humanity itself. And it's so deeply ingrained in us, isn't it?

As humans, we've always been fascinated by how we engage with stories.


It's not just about the story itself, but how we consume it. So the way that you consume a book or a novel will generate different emotions in us as readers! Reading, listening, watching – they all stir up different emotions in us.

Storytelling = Emotions

If you're dyslexic (or if you think you may be), you may never have enjoyed reading. Here at Study Buddy that is something we hear ALL THE TIME. But have you ever thought about just reading by listening to books? And if so, how does reading a book compare to listening to an audiobook?

They're both the same story, but the experience is so different!

And it's not just a feeling, it's science.

Our heart rate, body temperature, they all respond to the story.

But here's the thing...

Our responses are similar whether we read or listen to a story.

Now, let's talk about watching a movie.

audiobook for a dyslexic reader

You'd think it's a different ball game altogether, wouldn't you?

However, neuroscience and biological research shows that when we watch a movie with others, our hearts literally start to beat together when we watch a movie.

Isn't that amazing?

But here's the real surprise...

Our heart rates are higher when we listen to an audiobook than when we watch a video.

As humans, it seems we're more emotionally engaged when we're co-creating the story in our heads compared to when we are just watching something passively.

Also, when you listen to a book, you still get the benefit of a greater exposure to vocabulary, narrative, sentence structure and the overall story telling experience. You can still experience that feeling of getting totally lost in a book, even though you're not actually physically reading it!

So if you are keen to get lost in a story, or enjoy books (but not in the traditional sense!), then...

We have a brilliant HACK for you!

Get the physical book, and then download the audible version (the identical version) and listen to the book while you follow along with your eyes, passively reading it. Did you know that you will remember 60% more when you use more than one of your senses to consume material? So reading something and listening to it at the same time, is a phenomenal hack for dyslexic readers who struggle with working memory difficulties too. As this hack will not only support your visual reading skills, but you will embrace multisensory reading when you listen to the book at the same time!

Even better - you can get a FREE audiobook ON US, when you use get your free trial through us! Click on the button below to get your free Audible book and try this Study Buddy Hack for yourself! Let us know how you get on by commenting below!


Audible trial offer

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