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For non members; Check out what we have scheduled for our Live workshop sessions this month! 

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Tuesday evenings during January 

Teaching Strategies for Dyslexia 7.30pm

Lizzie, a specialist dyslexia teacher and assessor will be presenting this workshop on the best ways to support the most common difficulties that dyslexic learners experience. From processing difficulties, memory difficulties to difficulties with reading fluency, Lizzie will provide ideas on how to help a child manage these difficulties and try to overcome them.


Open to everyone

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March 15th 

EYFS Webinar. Managing behaviours 7.30pm

Maria, our EYFS specialist SENCo will be presenting this webinar on managing challenging behaviours in EYFS. This webinar will include strategies and tips for dealing with these behaviours as well as how to deal with spitting and swearing too. 

This is a members only event.


Members only

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March 22nd

Introduction to Dyscalculia 7.30pm

Chantal Karatas will be presenting this webinar on Dyscalculia and will give you a sound understanding of this SEN profile which professionals are becoming more and more aware of. Chantal is an amazing presenter and having attended some of her trainings ourselves, we guarantee you will walk away having learned a huge amount.

This is a members only event.


Members only

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