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Register for the LIVE (and free) Dyslexia Workshop below

Can't make it? Register anyway and we will send you the Replay and we have an encore later this month - we will let you know when it's on! 

Monday March 29th 2021 at 7pm

This is a virtual workshop and everyone is invited to attend!

(Please be aware that we only have 100 seats available and we had a waiting list for this when we ran it in the first week of March! The first 100 people to join the workshop on the night will get access only)


It will be led by Lizzie Shearing, who is one of our specialist dyslexia teachers. Lizzie assesses and diagnoses dyslexia, she works as a specialist dyslexia teacher and she is also a qualified SENCo. Lizzie is a self confessed "geek" when it comes to dyslexia, and this workshop which will get you completing exercises and activities to increase your knowledge AND apply that knowledge in real life. So you will walk away with with tangible, practical solutions that you can use in the classroom.


You will learn:

1. How to implement starting activities that enable progress for your dyslexic learners

2. Strategies to support every typical area of difficulty for your dyslexic pupils


3. How to implement these strategies in your classroom or setting with immediate effect


After this workshop, you will feel much more confident in supporting your pupils with dyslexia and you will have real-life, practical examples that you can take away with you.

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