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We help children to overcome their difficulties... and thrive!

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Have a free webinar training on us...

"Teaching Strategies to support dyslexic learners"

For a limited time, this webinar is free and it has always been really popular and oversubscribed! It's perfect for you if you are a parent or teacher of a young person with dyslexia and you want to understand how to better support them. There are also free "done for you" templates and tools at the end too! 

This webinar is free for a limited time only! Grab your spot and benefit from the proven strategies in this training while it is offered for free! (Normal RRP* £29.00) 

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Are you a parent who is looking for creative ways to work on developmental skills? 


Do you have questions about the way your child is progressing at school? Are you worried about their future due to weaknesses in things like handwriting, reading, sensory processing or hyperactive behaviours?

Do you wish you knew how to help your child and are looking for ways to help your child learn more effectively and make progress with your support?

Are you looking for information on fine motor skill development, how to support their behaviours, or want to know whether you should seek an assessment? 

This is a site for parents.

Welcome to SEN Buddy

SEN Buddy is an online membership and shop for teachers and parents who want to improve their children's ability to learn.


Our mission is to help young people overcome their barriers to learning by providing the most effective tools and resources to enable skill development for learning. 

We are the experts in educational needs in the UK and we are a team of medical and education professionals who will empower you with resources and tools that promote the healthy development of children.  

We do this through providing you with creative activities, resources, short courses and "done for you" printables, that can be used to develop the learning skills of young people.


You are in the right place if you are looking to be inspired by creative support , and motivating, passion-led activities designed to build skills and help children achieve their learning goals.

As a team of highly experienced special educational needs teachers, psychologists, therapists and medical professionals, between us, we have over 75 years of knowledge and resources to give you and your child.

We support children and adults alike...

We know from years of working with children in education just how challenging it can be to be support a child who is experiencing high levels of anxiety, struggling with their work in school, or even hating school with a passion. 


We work for the children first and foremost...

From time to time young people can find life a challenge. We help those who are finding things difficult; who are either underperforming relative to their intelligence, or who are having to put in more effort than others.

We have worked with thousands of children who have "additional learning needs" such Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism or ADHD. Our content team is made up of specialist dyslexia teachers, ADHD and Autism specialists, Occupational Therapists and SENCos.

Our short courses and activities can support children and teens with any type of diagnosis, including mental health challenges such as Anxiety, Depression, Excessive Anger outbursts or Dysregulated Emotions.

Subscribe to get our free subscriber only resources!


Are you a teacher who is looking for creative teaching strategies for your pupils with additional needs in your school, or tutoring business?

Are you a teacher or TA who needs fresh ideas to work with children who experience sensory processing difficulties, fine motor deficits, visual perceptual concerns, or ADHD type challenges?

Are you a SENCo who struggles to find information to give to parents and teachers in easy-to-understand ways?

This site is for teachers of children with special educational needs.

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Our online membership is here to support the grown ups

Adults need support too when things are tough to manage. This is why we have an online membership to help you to increase your knowledge and skill set too. What could you learn that would help your child? 

We offer a huge library of resources to help you learn about ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Sensory Processing and much more. 

When you join as a member, you get UNLIMITED access to our library of resources, tools and courses to help you support your child in the best way possible.

When you join as a member, you will no longer have to worry that you're not doing the right things to support the child or children you work with, as our team have years of experience in special educational  needs and we have created the most effective resources, ready for you!

Online shopping


Share information, expertise and advice with like-minded parents  within our members only facebook community. Learn from our courses and lessons so that you feel supported in your child's journey (probably for the first time in years?)


Get help and benefit from our experts' know-how, short courses and practical tips to help your child to flourish


A huge platform of ready-made templates and downloadable / editable presentations and documents for those who support young people to achieve to the best of their ability.


Join our online membership to access our growing on-demand video library with over 70 hours of content to help and guide you.

New content and resources are added weekly!

Download the FREE worksheet

Parent Freebie:
How to boost your child's self esteem

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